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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Aitor Axpe Oyanguren

Aitor Axpe Oyanguren, architect by the University of Donostia ETSASS and Master in Bioconstruction by the University of Lleida (UdL-IEB) and specialist in Bioconstruction measurements by the German institute IEB-IBN, has worked in several architecture studios such as the Gasteiztarra studio of Pablo Carretón until founding his own studio Oskol Arkitektura Tailerra. This studio specialises in healthy environments and educational spaces. He has been a teacher and head of professional training in construction at Arizmendi Ikastola (2007-2018) and a teacher of continuous training in energy efficiency at HOBETUZ in the Arizmendi Ikastola and Inatec educational centres in Bilbao. He has also been, with some assiduity, a guest lecturer on the master's degree in bio-construction at the University of Lleida-IEB.

He currently teaches at the IDarte Art School in Gasteiz. In the field of research, he has conducted research in the field of materials and energy efficiency and the psychology of space. In this last field, he has published together with the psychiatrist Rafael Cristobal the book "Arkitektura haur hezkuntzan", putting his research into practice in educational centres in the Basque Country as a spatial consultant for "Euskal Herriko Ikastolen Elkartea". He has given lectures at national level and published several articles. As a teacher-architect, he has received a special mention in the AVNAU 2015 awards and has been a finalist in the 2019 COAVN awards in the Rehabilitation and Restoration category.

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