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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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The beginnings of care from an educational point of view. Aitor Axpe.

The lecture will deal with the link between humans and space and the importance of space as a caretaker and teacher of humans. The human being, like other animals, looks for a place where to take refuge in order to feel physically and mentally safe. In this search, he will create an intimate space to his liking and measure. And in return, he will get care and training.

The main characteristics of this relationship will be explained and several examples of designers who have researched and put into practice will be presented. Finally, the focus will be put on the space most sensitive to this current: educational spaces. From the point of view of the pedagogical framework of the Ikastolas, it will be shown how the teaching of care is worked from space.

Part of the conference Architectures of Care: A Design Approach to Care II. Organised by IDarte.

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