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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Off MUGAK First session of the cicle 'Heritage: constructs and perceptions'

Presentation and first day of the cycle 'Heritage: constructs and perceptions', under the title 'History, memory, reality. Analysing, telling and reporting on heritage matters'.

In the construction of the image we have of our own surroundings, other factors intervene beyond the perception of the purely architectural. This image is nourished by different sources, discourses and ideas that come to us through the study of history, through tradition, through representation in art, through monuments erected by the authorities... Also from the media, both those that dealt with social current affairs in the 19th century and those that today cover the transformation of the city, and which today deal with even specific issues such as mobility or the protection of the built environment.

All these inputs will be dealt with on this first day of the series "Heritage: constructs and perceptions", under the title "HISTORY, MEMORY, REALITY. Analysing, telling and reporting on heritage matters", contrasting the points of view of History, the Media and Architecture. 

Participants in the conversation will include Coro Rubio, PhD in History and lecturer at the UPV/EHU, and Ana Sánchez Ameneiro, philologist and journalist at the Diario de Sevilla newspaper. Heritage architect Mario Domínguez, member of the Heritage Commission of the COAVN Gipuzkoa, will lead the talk.


About the cycle 'Heritage: constructs and perceptions'.

The aim is to bring together, under the roof of architectural production, some of the different disciplines that together form the complex approach to heritage. The perspectives that are given from the architect's profession usually have to do with the built features that characterise the cultural assets built either in the History of Architecture, or in the time of the construction of each city.

But the fact of heritage is made up of a view from many fields of knowledge. These fields examine, approach or simply disseminate aspects that are not related to the material construction of buildings. They also shape the meaning and content of a way of understanding cultural heritage today. The architectural profession must also approach other ways of looking at the built environment, sharing and getting to know these other views and their premises, for example, their idea of preservation.

As a whole, all these perspectives form a body of knowledge from different fields: historical, legislative, economic, urban planning... However, certain ideas from these perspectives manage to operate in the public sphere, providing the different social strata with concrete considerations about heritage, pouring out ideas that end up settling, the result of which is a process by which heritage can be understood as a social construct. This conference aims to investigate the nature of cultural heritage as such, and the perspectives from which it is shaped.

The idea of these conferences is that they will be led or introduced in each session by an architect, who will be joined in dialogue by participants from different fields of study and dissemination of heritage: anthropology, sociology, urban economics and planning, history, information sciences... provoking the crossing of perspectives from different positions. Afterwards, the conversation will be open to debate with the public.

Free entry until full capacity is reached.

Organiser: COAVN GIP Heritage Commission

The Programme is being prepared