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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Mugak/ invites national and international agents to join its programme

  • The Basque Country International Architecture Biennal extends its borders and offers entities and individuals from outside the Basque Country the possibility of including their activities with the new Off Mugak/ call.
  • Off Mugak/ is a new line within the official programme that will have an open vocation with the aim of adding more agents to the reflection around the motto of this fourth edition: ‘rebuild, reinhabit, rethink’.
  • Proposals for activities and projects to be included in this programme of parallel events of Mugak/, which will take place in October and November, can be submitted until 10 July.

Basque Country International Architecture Biennal Mugak/ has opened a new call to invite national and international organisations and individuals to add their activities to the programme of this fourth edition. This will be part of its new line of parallel events Off Mugak/, which will be extended to entities outside the Basque Country for the first time.

Mugak/ is moving towards its fourth edition, which will take place next October and November, consolidating its position as one of the main architectural events of the Atlantic Arc. This year Off Mugak/ presents an open vocation, with the aim of adding more voices to the reflection around this year's motto: ‘rebuild, reinhabit, rethink’. With this new call, which will be open until 10 July, it is looking for projects, research, workshops and even exhibitions that are aligned with this theoretical framework, and this time it is extending its borders and inviting professionals, associations, entities or organisations from the national or international sphere to participate.

Individuals or organisations interested in having their programme included in the Off Mugak/ programme of the Biennial can now submit their proposals. These may be projects, research, talks, workshops, visits, publications, exhibitions or any activity open to the public and free of charge, which must take place in the Basque Country on the dates of the Biennial -which will take place in October and November- and be financed, managed and produced by the organisations that are taking part in this call. The complete terms and conditions can be consulted here and proposals can be remitted through this form.

In 2023, Mugak/ is further developing its desire to be an open space, the result of collaboration between different agents, to become a meeting point with the public where the importance of architecture as an element that forms the backbone of the quality of the inhabited environment can be highlighted. With this year's slogan, the Biennial is conceived as a cultural infrastructure open to the public and to all the actors involved in urban life, to generate conversations that connect with the debates that are taking place on a global level. Thus, Off Mugak/ will ensure that the new proposals that are selected are also related to ‘rebuild, reinhabit, rethink’ and add their voices to the joint reflection proposed by the Biennial.

Consult the rules here.

The Programme is being prepared