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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Mugak/ allies with the TAC! festival to deepen the dialogue between citizens and architecture

Photo: Daniel Ramo

  • The Basque Country International Architecture Biennial will house, in its fourth edition, a pavilion in San Sebastián linked to TAC! with which both architectural appointments are committed to reflecting on the fact of inhabiting.

The Basque Country International Architecture Biennial Mugak/ will go one step further in its fourth edition, collaborating with another festival of national relevance in the same sector, TAC!, organized by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. This week the new call for TAC! has been announced, in which Mugak/ will participate with a pavilion in San Sebastián, along with another guest city, Valencia.

Over the next few weeks the call will be open for young teams of architects to submit their proposals, which in the case of Mugak/ will have to deal with the theme of this fourth edition of the Biennial, 'Rebuild, reinhabit, rethink'. All this in the midst of the climate emergency and in the face of the challenges of organizations, companies, institutions, collectives, architecture studios and new talents, who propose to understand the design of spaces in terms of sustainability, inclusiveness and care for the environment.

The director of Housing, Land and Architecture of the Basque Government, Pablo García Astrain, whose Directorate promotes the Basque Biennial, explained in Madrid that "the collaboration between Mugak/ and TAC! comes at a time when the Basque Country International Architecture Biennial is maturing, with the aim of taking new steps and becoming the reference event of the Atlantic Arc in the search for dialogue between architecture and citizenship and other disciplines". The Mugak/ pavilion will focus on reflecting on public space and climate change.

María Arana, curator of the fourth edition of Mugak/, has emphasized that the theme of this fourth edition "will be the axis around which the conversations that we will promote within this pavilion will revolve, an invitation to understand how we inhabit our cities and towns to project how we want to or can build towards the future".

Mugak/ is moving towards its fourth edition, weaving networks with other references such as this festival that promotes innovation and experimentation in architectural matters through temporary pavilions with contemporary architectural proposals that become a forum for reflecting on the urban phenomenon and society, coinciding with Mugak/ in the commitment to establish a dialogue with the public.

The Programme is being prepared