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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Premiere of the documentary 'Elementuak'

Premiere of the documentary 'Elementuak' by Impro Films, with an exhibition of skateboarders and DJs, as the opening event of the 'Lost forest' pavilion. 

'Elementuak' is a special production of Flipas - Laboratorio de Culturas Urbanas, and will be premiered in the framework of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU. It is the video art piece by IMPRO FILMS, which dialogues with the space, with the winning project in this edition of TAC!, presented by Julia Ruiz-Cabello and Santiago del Águila. IMPRO FILMS also looks at the uses that young people make of public space through the skateboarder Iraia Escobar.

The presentation will consist of a viewing of the video art piece in conjunction with the participation of a local DJ and several skaters from the city.

IMPRO FILMS takes as the epicentre of its proposal the project 'Lost forest' from which they build 'Elementuak'. For IMPRO FILMS, this process involved an encounter with nature and a confrontation with a reality that is present, but also ignored and whose magnitude is unknown.

After days of filming, kilometres, battles with the weather and countless adversities, seeing the piece mounted gives them great satisfaction as they see the project materialise.

Organiser: TAC! Festival of Urban Architecture.







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