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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Bodies as data sensing

Workshop on research in architecture. 

"Bodies as data sensing ("BADS") addresses the politics of urban space from the shared physiology of its living organisms. The workshop focuses on understanding the city as a distributed medium of cognition where perceptual errors - let's call them that - such as synaesthesia become a vehicle for research.

Synaesthesia, a prototype of cosmic and communal sensibility, has been very present in the relationship between architecture and politics being the paradigm of a collective sense, of a psychedelic climax capable of transforming everything. In "BADS" we will use various somatic experiences combined with theory and case studies to set in motion an urban synaesthesia that will facilitate a design in which the unconnected organisms of our cities take up and raise their voices. The more-than-human world as a political agent in urban design.

Organised by Ula Iruretagoiena. 



17-11-2023 / 17-11-2023




The Programme is being prepared