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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Reuse of riverbank structures in the Bilbao estuary

A one-day workshop in which the aim is to explore the existing structures along the estuary and propose the adaptation of these structures to a new life.

Led by Ricardo Ruiz, an IED Kunsthal Bilbao lecturer specialising in architecture and urban planning, and with the participation of Aitor Ortiz, photographer. The programme begins with a welcome coffee and a definition of the aim of the day. References of intervention experiences in similar structures will be proposed, followed by an in situ investigation along the island of Zorrotzaurre where data will be collected and then work will be done on the generation of designs and prototypes of the new life of the riverside structures that will be presented at the end of the day.

The profile of the participants is not predefined, but they can be professionals, students or those interested in disciplines related to architecture, urban planning, art or design, as well as people related to disciplines such as history, sociology or politics.



14-11-2023 / 14-11-2023




The Programme is being prepared