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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Workshop with José María Torres Nadal: 'Greening is giving life to the culture of the land. To rehabilitate the land is to love the land. Gardening on scorched earth'

This workshop is about imagining the growth of life in and around a fire-scorched pavilion. Now we are not so much concerned with the distinction between the natural and the artificial, science is no longer opposed to it; we are interested in the existence of an alternative life to the one that has been installed among us due to climate change, racism or colonisation processes. By "growing" the "natural" back there, we do not oppose one science to another, nor one truth to another, what we develop is a controversy around the 'day after' as a social construction. Hypothetically I think of groups of people, families, or the collaboration with some centre, or with some school that come with their plants or with their small pots to plant them inside the pavilion, or with their flowers from the bazaars, leaving them between the trunks and in the surroundings, creating a friendly environment for a moment as opposed to the hardness of the charred trunks of the pavilion itself.

The aim of this workshop is to make the pavilion a small greenhouse for those plants that, despite the fire, are capable of being born. 

Free access until full capacity is reached.


28-10-2023 / 28-10-2023




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