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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Estudio Gonzalez Arquitectura

Estudio primitivo González | eGa is an architecture studio founded 45 years ago by Primitivo González, whose experience and leadership have been joined for the last 10 years by Noa González and Ara González.

The motivation that drives the studio's practice is the awareness that, with each new building, the collective heritage is being built. They pursue quality architecture, with the multiple aspects of this term: an architecture that builds a city, that is respectful of the environment and, above all, that dignifies people.

In the search for this dignity are the most immutable aspects of architecture. They seek to produce architecture on a human scale, which is comfortable and best serves the function that will be carried out in it, while at the same time generating a collective identity. An architecture that lasts.

Programmatically, the studio specialises in four main areas: workspaces, healthcare architecture, singular residential and educational architecture. However, beyond the programmes, they seek the opportunity to generate flexible and resilient architectures that are capable of responding to the needs of the present and those to come.

Geographically the studio has its origins in Valladolid, but in its latest stage it has opened up to the national and international scene. Developing architectural projects for public and private clients, with a wide recognition to the quality of the same. Among the recent work, the Salem City Hall in Germany (Castilla y León Architecture Award 2020-21 and finalist in the Spanish Architecture Biennial 2021), or the rehabilitation of a pavilion for the Courts of Alcalá de Henares (COAM Award 2021) stand out.

The studio currently has projects under development or construction in Barcelona, Mallorca, Toledo, Malaga and several cities in Castilla y León.


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