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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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AHIKU is made up of architects Carmiña Dovale, Estanis Narbaiza, Alvaro E. Olaiz, Emilio Varela and Víctor Aspe. Its aim is to provide an understanding of different areas of the city and the territory through its history, culture, art and architecture, promoting citizen participation and encouraging society to take a critical view of the urban environment.

The members of the team developed for the COAVN-Gipuzkoa the exhibition project "Arantzazu 70 urte" of Line I in the III MUGAK Architecture Biennial in 2021. In the same year they promoted the virtual tour tool of the Basilica of Arantzazu, developed by Madpixel, for the exploration of the building in collaboration with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, Arantzazu Santutegia and COAVN Gipuzkoa. During 2022 they have carried out the "Classification and listing of the COAVN-gi's unclassified historical documentation". They are currently working on the projects The breviary of Arantzazu and Citizens' walks through Irún and Pasaia.

The Programme is being prepared