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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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'MUGAK HABIT[atu]Z' pavilion

Project by the Bilbao studio behark for the MUGAK Biennial. It uses in its construction H A B I T [+], a modular transformation system for the improvement of existing residential buildings by adding new living spaces and exterior galleries, which generate useful, comfortable and quality spaces for homes and buildings in need of them. The system is based on the use of prefabricated, repetitive but at the same time diverse (versatile and adaptable) modules that allow a quick and light construction adapted to each circumstance. 

According to behark, "the modules are made up by combining different elements depending on the needs and/or deficiencies to be solved in each transformation intervention and are combined to adapt to the problems to be solved, the orientation in which the intervention takes place, the urban situation, etc.". HABIT [+] also integrates one of the axes of this edition, concern for the environment: "The system was born associated with wood as the main structural and constructive element, as this is the only construction material that reduces the carbon footprint in its production and construction cycle, thus guaranteeing its sustainability". 

The versatility of the HABIT [+] modular system allows it to be used in this case to build a multi-purpose pavilion linked to the activities of the MUGAK Biennial:


06-11-2023 / 24-11-2023



The Programme is being prepared