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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Presentation of the book 'Bilbao 1950-1975. The splendor of modern architecture'

Between the 50's and 70's Bilbao built, in continuity with the urban expansion, a
coherent and interesting architecture. A few architects and few years and certainly
a suggestive architecture. Those buildings that were hidden under the pollution
generated by the industry -that made it possible- and also forgotten by a certain
disdain for issues outside the industry. Now that Bilbao has rediscovered not only
itself, but also to the outside, it is time to show with some pride the architecture
that consolidated the city after the war.

Bilbao, outside the European avant-garde, far from Madrid and Barcelona and the
schools of architecture and their figures, built a refined city, far from affectation.
Bilbao's own elegant austerity. I believe that the greatest virtue was undoubtedly the naturalness, the craft and lack of vanity of those architects who built a coherent
city. To vindicate the interest of these architectures, of their ensemble, and the
moral obligation of their maintenance, of avoiding alterations executed without
reflection that detract from their original qualities. And to highlight, of course, the
people who made it possible; architects like Aguinaga, Gana, Hurtado de Saracho,
Basterrechea, Chapa, Basañez, Líbano, Amann, Íñiguez de Onzoño and to vindicate
others like Beascoa, Sans Gironella, Lázaro, Olabarría or the figure of Fullaondo, in
addition to so many others.
Architects who built a city that no longer exists, because Bilbao has gone from
damp, dramatic and beautiful industrial squalor to an obscene cleanliness and
efficiency typical of a modern service sector city. Bilbao will no longer be that
industrial, smoky, dirty, worn-out and forgotten city, the Bilbao of pollution, the
azulito and the sirimiri, a city in black and white, dripping, wet; the one that made
us. That expressive Bilbao that Fullaondo's books discover so well. A city with a
tragic beauty and a personality that will never recovered. At least, the buildings
that built it, some of them, and the memory of its architects, will remain.
The talk is structured on several points. They are the following:
_Verdi and Athletic
_30 years. franco and surrealism.
_Architecture (contemporary)
_Variations on the same theme or how to make different buildings with the same

Organizer: COAVN Bizkaia







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