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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Day of intergenerational debate on architecture and gender + Presentation of the "Interactive Digital Map of Women's Architecture".

18:00h: Presentation "Interactive Digital Map of Women's Architectures, Spain, 1965-2000" developed by the architect and researcher Lucía Pérez-Moreno.

18:30h: "Intergenerational Debate. Women Architects" with the participation of the architects Maivi Morrás (tit. ETSAM 1977), Gloria Aríztegui (tit. Bordeaux 1989), Lucía Pérez Moreno (tit. ETSAUN 2002) and Itziar Molinero (tit. ETSA UPV/EHU 2018).


This map, which is part of the research project "Women in (post) modern Spanish architectural culture, 1965-2000" (Ministry of Science and Innovation), shows visually, in a quick, simple and forceful way, the large number of works of architecture, urban planning, design and landscape devised by women.


The activity is based on a reflection on the new ways of rethinking the architecture that women architects have contributed and will contribute to architecture in the future.

If pioneering women architects broke with the role assigned to them by society, both in their professional practice and in their projects, today's women architects have welcomed the irruption of feminist discourse in architecture, the implementation of the gender perspective, sustainability or the reuse of materials in architecture with enthusiasm, but also with a sense of responsibility in the face of the current systemic crisis.

Contemporary women architects want to have their own studio from which to practice professionally at the same time as being mothers (or consciously decide not to be); they want to create architecture and cities that are collaborative and offer safe and caring environments for those who live there. From their professional practice, they question the academic references provided by training in the Schools of Architecture to try to unveil and transform the role of architecture with respect to the nearby society and the ever closer global world of which we are a part. In this sense, the architects start from their subjective experiences insofar as this has allowed them to take their own family or environmental surroundings as a reference point in order to transform their current environment.

The Intergenerational Debate starts from the content of the "Interactive Digital Map of Women's Architectures in Spain 1965-2000" presented by the architect and researcher Lucía Pérez-Moreno and is initially structured in timelines that chronologically separate the professional practice of the participating women architects in order to, after the presentation, blur this chronology and contextualisation and focus on the subjectivity of the women architects participating in the debate: Who inspired them? What references did they have? What was their living and professional environment like? Who do they influence? What would they say to an architect who is retiring? What would they say to an architect who is just starting out?

Organisers: Matxalen Acasuso, Irati Burgués and Olatz Ocerin







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