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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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RHIZOMA (SOR-). Reinventing the invented

Cultures, rituals, myths, hypotheses, individuals, "baserris": everything is born, and it is created out of something. From a matrix, from a cave, from an encounter, a detour, a misrepresentation, an action...

SOR- aims to explore the multiplicity of inventive possibilities around the baserris. We are interested in those other expressive, practical, conceptual and/or political forms capable of emerging from, or in relation to, the socio-environmental and material frameworks in which the baserris are inscribed. Creative events are capricious, but it is even more capricious to believe that anything can remain indifferent to them, oblivious to change and evolution. The farmhouses and their milieu, finally, can be an engine of transformation, of experimentation, of desire and enaction of the possibilities.

The Programme is being prepared