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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Architecture and assistance – Etxelagun and Kalelagun projects. Asier Benko Querejeta and Alhelí Álvarez Huamán.

Asier Benko Querejeta and Alhelí Álvarez Huamán from the ETSASS EHU-UPV DAGET school present the Etxelagun and Kalelagun projects promoted by the Adinberri Foundation.

KALELAGUN proiektua. The project has an architectural/urban and interdisciplinary vision, based on the design of quality outdoor meeting spaces (squares, streets, parks, etc.) that facilitate the active enjoyment of the immediate environment, promoting social relations, encouraging physical activity and integrating digital technologies. In addition, it is proposed to analyse in detail the social, architectural and urban aspects that characterise the urban environments of the intersections of the territory of Gipuzkoa.

ETXELAGUN proiektua. This project aims, among other things, to define design guidelines for housing in the Historical Territory of Gipuzkoa that make it possible to alleviate the perception of loneliness and promote the autonomy of people over 55 years of age who live alone.

Part of the conference Architectures of Care: A Design Approach to Care. Organised by IDarte.

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