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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Presentation of the informative guide 'Rethink to reinhabit the domestic'

Project by HALO Arkitektura for MUGAK 2023. 

Dwellings all over the world are becoming more and more similar. Even more so now, in times of ecological and social crisis, when "inhabiting" as a socio-cultural stance is key. That is why this project will invite the inhabitants of the domestic to reflect on the most basic dwelling, on our dwellings. What are our dwellings like? What kind of dwelling do they promote? What messages underlie them? What kind of dwellings could we imagine ourselves in? To this end, this informative publication-guide for reflection will be available at different points throughout the Biennial. In addition, an Instagram profile has been set up as a tool to collect the reflections and conclusions of the participating public (@re_domestico).

Part of the seminar 'Rehabiting the domestic'.






The Programme is being prepared