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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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INHABITING CHANGE. Lecture by Cristina Acha: ‘The street and the home, a receptive binomial’

Can the house be a solution to reactivate the street?

Can we turn a ground floor shop window into a domestic space?

Which are the essential attributes that define somebody’s home?

The prototype of the three social homes in Santutxu, framed in the Loft Study House program that is presented here, makes tangible the questions about the construction of domestic intimacy, the definition of comfort or the response to the condition of security at street level. The emphasis that the project places on design issues that may seem accessory has to do with the importance given to the definition of the 'domestic' concept. The project returns to the basic questions of the definition of housing. Those regulated by law, such as dimensions or program, as well as the efficiency in construction. But also those others, perhaps more subjective, that define 'one's own home'. Loft Study House through this prototype aims to contribute to the reflection on inclusive definitions of housing. A consideration of design as a complementary tool to the regulation of minimums in favour of the universal use of dwelling. Sufficiently flexible, sufficiently equipped, capable of serving as a space for personal growth for anyone. All this exposed without forgetting the direct positive influence that this domestic atmosphere transfers to the street.







The Programme is being prepared