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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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RHIZOMA (BER-). Encounter. Exhausted territory

© Diego Sologuren


BER- form for RE in Basque, as in Re-do, re-use, re-activate etc.., inspires new paths for expanding common grounds, preconceived ideas, widely held beliefs and dogmas that have to do with how we look at the existing. Baserri is, in it essence, not only a mere architectural or historical typology, but a multifunctional entity which brings together productivity, shelter, domesticity and generates societal organisation. Its geographical situation, its volume, size, structure, the distribution of its inner and surrounding spaces as well as its symbolical meaning respond to adaptive and organic patterns through geography and time. According to this, baserri can be classified, following the definition of Deleuze and Guattari, as an assemblage -agencement- between territory and human activity: not a static term but more like a process of arranging, organizing, fitting together. Emancipating from its constrained local image, this typology may be presented as an example to illustrate, evoke, share and debate other local case-studies as well as contemporary planetary paradigms. 

EXHAUSTED TERRITORY aims to explore lines on how to relate to a territory, establishing new collective contracts in the rural and urban milieus, promoting alliances with other forms of life, reflecting on resources and the obtention of energy, analysing the circularity of processes and confronting the contemporary environmental issues together.

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