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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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RHIZOMA (HAS-). Performance. V 金属を含む

©_Enric Rubio

V 金属を含む (Contains metal) opens Rhizoma to sound performance, pivoting towards less regimented architectural directions. Lolo & Sosaku, an Argentinean-Japanese duo, create sound stimuli by capturing the sound of the collision of materials such as aluminum, iron, rubber, generated by the rotation and torque of engines. In their work, they mix sonic experimentation, exploring inorganic resonance and investigating pulsating beats within the industrial noise landscape. They incorporate danceable passages that push the boundaries of the post-hard techno rave sound. In V 金属を含む, the instruments created using the patchwork technique highlight the value of robotic engineering and the architecture of mystical monuments, halfway between the mechanical and the magical. This sequence underscores the importance of open and undefined processes, transforming a productive space like the Zabalaga farmhouse into a sound workshop.








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