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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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INHABITING CHANGE. Lecture by Marina Otero: 'Architecture of Appropriation: on squatting as a spatial practice'

Photo copyright: Johannes Schwartz

Second conference of the day 'The ecologising versus the exclusionary. News ways of occupying architecture'

The Architecture of Appropriation recognises squatting as a form of architectural practice. This project focuses on the analysis of various squatted architectures in the Netherlands through drawings, interviews and archival material. Together, these materials constitute a record that documents the past and present struggles, spaces and histories of the squatting movement and brings together their experience with that of architects, archivists, academics and lawyers, with the aim to. The project, which has served as the basis for the definition of a new acquisition policy for the Dutch State Archive for Architecture and Urbanism, also seeks to discuss approaches to research, archival practices and the representation of precarious spatial practices, which are often unauthored and criminalised by the state.

Free admission until full capacity is reached. Previously, at 18:30h, the conference 'Architecture... despite Delirium of New York', with José María Torres Nadal, will be held.







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