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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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INHABITING CHANGE. Lecture by Mireia Luzarraga (TAKK): ‘The day after house’

The forcefulness of the new data we receive daily on the evolution of climate change means that it has gone from being a purely scientific or technological question (to be solved) to becoming a mainly political and philosophical issue.

The (almost certain) impossibility of avoiding a global temperature increase of 2ºC due to the positive feedback loops set in motion by decades of uncontrolled emissions, the loss of ecological diversity resulting from human activity known as the sixth mass extinction, or the rise in sea level and the millions of displacements that this will cause, are just some examples of the "existential" magnitude to which this new scenario will lead us.

In this context, 'The Day After House' is the reform of a 110m2 flat in Madrid, but also an opportunity to try out new models of inhabiting a world in which fossil civilisation is collapsing.

Following the popularisation of concepts such as 'new climate regime', 'climate emergency' or 'climate apocalypse', can 'the domestic' transcend its small scale and become an object of thermo-environmental contestation? If so, in what ways should its material, formal or programmatic conditions be (re)thought to that effect?

The project tries to mobilise these and other questions from a particular case of housing renovation with a limited budget but with a universal will and a response to an increasingly present future.

Free admission until full capacity is reached. Previously, at 18:30h, the documentary short film 'If this is a home' will be screened.

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