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Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura

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Off MUGAK The RE prefix on the outskirts of Guadalajara (Mexico)

Is the use of the prefix "RE" pertinent, and is it necessary to give it a meaning of repetition or a return to a previous situation in the Latin American outskirts?

This conference aims to reflect on these questions, presenting the work carried out by BAC. Barrio|Arquitectura|Cidudad, in the last ten years. Experiences of participation, governance and co-construction in the outskirts of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, Mexico.

The talk will contextualise the situation of the city of Guadalajara from the architecture and engineering office’s point of view and will continue with a tour of the projects and experiences carried out, developing 3 of them in greater depth:

RE? Construct: LabASE, the Laboratory of Strategic Social Architecture of Tlajomulco. A project to build community in the new housing developments on the periphery, recycling disused infrastructure to convert it into a meeting centre to co-construct the public space of these environments.

RE? Habit: "Renta Tu Casa". The first social rental programme in Mexico. One of the major problems of housing developments in the Mexican periphery is the lack and the abandonment of housing, reaching up to 60% vacancy rates in some areas. In response to this problem, in collaboration with one of the local governments of the AMG, the municipality's housing policy was designed, implemented and monitored. The programme has received the State Housing 2022 Award, the National Housing 2022 Award and the Bronze Award at the UN Habitat 2023 World Habitat Awards.

RE? Think: The work and role of the architect in the Mexican periphery. The office’s work in recent years has led to the design and support of public policies related to the Habitat agenda. Luis Manuel Ochoa lives between Guadalajara and Bilbao. Throughout the talk, comparisons and relations between the two contexts will be established from his point of view.

Afterwards, at 19:30h, the conference 'Guiri, drifts and reflections', by students from TEC Monterrey, will be held.







The Programme is being prepared